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The Haunted House


Here you can find lots of music files from haunted movies or tv-series for listening or downloading.
If you've got free music files which we can publish here, please feel free to send them to the .

A Nightmare before ChristmasMIDI[2:57, 36 KB] AliensMIDI[1:55, 59 KB] Are You Afraid of the DarkMIDI[0:30, 10 KB] Bach Toccata & Fugue in D-minorMIDI[2:12, 31 KB] BeetlejuiceMIDI[1:52, 26 KB] Buffy, The Vampire SlayerMIDI[0:50, 4 KB] Casper, The Friendly GhostMIDI[3:27, 10 KB] Danse MacabreMIDI[7:42, 71 KB] Dead SoulsMIDI[4:35, 31 KB] Doll RoomMIDI[1:14, 9 KB] Don't fear the ReaperMIDI[4:51, 73 KB] Edward mit den ScherenhändenMIDI[2:34, 20 KB] Funeral March of a MarionetteMIDI[0:19, 4 KB] Gomez And Tish's ThemeMIDI[1:21, 4 KB] It's a Monsters HolidayMIDI[2:53, 21 KB] It's HalloweenMIDI[0:17, 2 KB] MillenniumMIDI[0:41, 3 KB] MoodyMIDI[2:10, 5 KB] MysteryMIDI[1:09, 4 KB] NightMIDI[4:42, 9 KB] Night on Bald MountainMIDI[12:30, 164 KB] Night RideMIDI[2:43, 21 KB] ParlorMIDI[1:16, 4 KB] People Are StrangeMIDI[1:51, 21 KB] SanctifiedMIDI[5:54, 18 KB] Sorcerer's ApprenticeMIDI[2:12, 39 KB] The FangsMIDI[3:31, 18 KB] The Timewarp (Rocky Horror Picture Show)MIDI[3:22, 58 KB] Theme from Conquest of ParadiseMIDI[4:52, 51 KB] Theme from Disneys Haunted HouseMIDI[3:14, 8 KB] Theme from GhostbustersMIDI[4:05, 27 KB] Theme from Phantom Of The OperaMIDI[5:22, 29 KB] Theme from PoltergeistMIDI[3:57, 23 KB] Theme from PsychoMIDI[5:26, 10 KB] Theme from Tales from the CryptMIDI[1:20, 17 KB] Theme from The Addams FamilyMIDI[0:44, 5 KB] Theme from The Haunted MansionMIDI[1:09, 20 KB] Theme from The MunstersMIDI[1:38, 32 KB] Theme from The X FilesMIDI[0:45, 14 KB] ThrillerMIDI[5:24, 82 KB] Twilight ZoneMIDI[0:41, 7 KB] Weird ScienceMIDI[5:04, 95 KB] Werewolves of LondonMIDI[4:36, 20 KB]
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